Course plan

class 1 - class 3 - practice in Prolog programming

class 4 - presenting your solution to a Prolog exercise

then you decide either

* to do individually 2 or 3 predefined tasks


* to do 1 project - 2-person groups are accepted, you are encouraged to do Portuguese-related projects!

Sources for Class 1

Here you can find the automatic (hence far from perfect!) translation of the texts prepared for Polish students:

introduction: [WWW] http://atos.amu.edu.pl/~filiposg/lik320/CWICZENIA1.en.html

tasks: [WWW] http://atos.amu.edu.pl/~filiposg/lik320/ZADANIA1.en.html

and here are original Polish texts:

introduction: [WWW] http://atos.amu.edu.pl/~filiposg/lik320/CWICZENIA1.html

tasks: [WWW] http://atos.amu.edu.pl/~filiposg/lik320/ZADANIA1.html

External sources

Prolog Tutorials in English (useful for the first three classes):

[WWW] http://cs.wwc.edu/~cs_dept/KU/PR/Prolog.html

[WWW] http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Programming:Prolog_Introduction

[WWW] http://sage.mc.yu.edu/kbeen/teaching/ai/resources/prolog.html

Prolog Tutorial in Portuguese:

[WWW] http://www.ulbra.tche.br/~danielnm/ia/intpro/intpro.html